April 26, 2012

Addressing the Informal City: Medellin, Colombia

Medellin, Columbia - The poorer neighborhoods are located on the hills, along the outskirts of downtown. Source

In the following lecture, Medellin's former mayor, Sergio Fajardo, explains how opportunities are provided in the poorest of neighborhood was achieved and how he addressed the three major issues in society inequality, violence, and corruption. Building schools, public spaces, apartment buildings, bridges, cable car line, soccer fields, etc in the poorest of places, which provides the same quality of building as seen in the richest parts of town. Fajardo states that his success is linked to his transparency in office, it all was completed 'without stealing a single peso' during his time in office. Political Equator 3 was organized by Teddy Cruz of UC San Diego in 2011.

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Addressing the Informal City: Europe

Over 50 Millions people in 15 member States of the United Nation economic Commission for Europe live in informal settlements

April 24, 2012

A Modern Energy Drain

Secrets to Lower Your Electrical Costs

With energy prices in constant fluctuation, knowing more about how electronic devices function can save you money that you didn't know your wasting. Following these simple tips will allow you to save upwards of $40 a year on your electric bill.
Pretty much everybody understands that lowering their electric bill means using less electricity. By far the simplest way to lower your electric bill is by turning off the lights when not in the room or replacing burned-out incandescent bulbs with high-efficiency LED or CFL bulbs. Upgrading your existing fridge, stove or any other appliance to a more efficiency model will also save you money on your electric bill. Due to increased regulations of household appliance efficiencies, even the cheapest appliances are more efficient than appliances 5–10 years old and would help lower anyone's electrical utility costs. Short of spending hundreds of dollars, what else can you do to lower your costs? The secret lies in all your electronic devices.

Content Source: Secrets to Lower Your Electrical Costs

April 22, 2012

Addressing the Informal City: Europe

United Nations

This report by the UN discusses sustainable solutions for informal settlements in the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). Over 50 Millions people in 15 member States of the United Nation economic Commission for Europe live in informal settlements. Rapid urbanization, poverty and lack of access to land or ownerships has resulted in many to build their homes illegally under very poor environmental and social conditions. The following link, is a downloadable pdf from the UN on ways to address the issues in the informal settlement.


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Addressing the Informal City: Medellin, Colombia

April 7, 2012

Platform of Hope

Platform of Hope - source: designother90.org

Korail is the largest slum in the fastest growing mega city Dhaka in Bangladesh. Its 120,000 residences are under a constant threat of eviction, without security of tenure, on land becoming more valuable. the UNEP projects the city to grow to 23 million and become the world's second largest city.

Before - Still from video below

In Korail's dense fabric open space is at a premium, children play wherever they can. Living with the Pervez family in Korail, Khondaker Hasibul Kabir, an architect, landscape architect and lecturer at BRAC University, collaborated over a three year period with the Pervez family to initiate a new public space, the Platform of Hope. With the help of a local carpenter and bamboo worker, they designed and built a 18 x 36 ft (5.5 x 11 meter) platform extending over Gulshan Lake connected to a lush community garden.

After - Still from Video Below

Local Craftsmen - source: designother90.org

They designed the platform for children living in the area. It is a clean new space where they may play, sing, dance, socialize, learn about plants and read books from a small library. In the evening, families gather for relaxation and enjoy the view over the water.

source: designother90.org

Despite the treat of eviction local residents have the skills and willingness to change their unhealthy surroundings. With knowledge shared on the platform and through its construction, nearby dwellings are slowly transforming, increasing lighting and ventilation. The platform and garden have generated hope toward a cleaner, greener place.

source: designother90.org

Designers: Khondaker Hasibul Kabir, with Fourkan Pervez, Nasima Pervez, Faria Farzana Tithi, and Tuhofa Tasmi Tisha. Construction: Odut Ahmed, Saiful Islam. Plant/seed collection: Abdun Nime. Korail, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2008–11. Bamboo, nuts, bolts, nails



New Wan Chai Ferry Pier and Helipad

source CEED Hong Kong Development

This project in Hong Kong proposes a ferry pier and helipad on the new Wan Chai waterfront. With the commercial backdrop the new ferry pier would service both the east and the west. The new government helipad would also be shared by commercial helicopters which is located near Golden Bauhinia Square.

Ferry Pier

source CEED Hong Kong Development
Main Design Ideas

  • Public landscaped observation deck with covering providing views
  • Abstract "wall-tree" pattern with open pier design to bring in natural ventilation through permeability and enhance the waterfront 
source CEED Hong Kong Development


source CEED Hong Kong Development

 Main Design Ideas
  • The fa├žade of the two-story terminal building will be covered with glazed cladding embedded with a "wall-tree" pattern representing the history of Wan Chai area
  • Green roof will enhance the natural elements of the waterfront
  • Noise barrier will be decorated with abstract "wall-tree" graphic
source CEED Hong Kong Development