August 6, 2012

Huf Haus: Energy Efficient Prefab Homes

HUF House ART 8, source

For many years, HUF HAUS has been internationally recognized for their innovative timber-frame architecture that epitomizes the synergy between wood and glass. The name unites the careful evolution of the classic timber framed structure with the revolution in energy efficiency. Relevant details on the energy efficiency of new HUF Houses can be found on their homepage. A HUF house creates a comfortable design creating an ideal place from which to observe nature. Every HUF House is unique, designed for each individual client by a HUF architect.

Classic Timber frame house with a HUF Haus addition, source

Two creators - One vision

The architectural origins of the typical HUF House date back to 1969. In his search for perfect craftsmanship, the architect Manfred Adams met entrepreneur Franz Huf. Manfred Adams sought to avoid any compromise in realizing his idea, a timber-frame house with large windows and open plan design. At that time, Franz Huf's company already specialized in high quality timber-frame design. This fortuitous collaboration of two visionaries built the HUF FACHWERKHAUS 2000, which over the following years evolved into an architectural icon and European brand.

The current generation of HUF Houses still bears the "genes" of this then revolutionary timber-frame innovation, although the technology, design principles and materials used have developed along side technology.

HUF House ART 4, source

Architect Manfred Adams describes the HUF philosophy

Architect Manfred Adams
Architect Manfred Adams
How does one create a house which is associated with a brand name? Firstly, the architecture must be distinctive and not surrender to passing trends. It must be easily recognisable and unambiguous in its constructive and aesthetic intentions. Its language must be one of simple stylistic elements; one which is the exact opposite of an idea vacuum. The floor plans and spacial design must be distinct and allow the owner and visitors a unique experience of space. It must be built to a perfect level of craftsmanship: the realisation of its detail must highlight its complete harmony. This harmony comes as a result of using a minimal amount of materials: wood, glass, stone and carpet.
Even a brand leader, a classic, must submit cautiously to change, because innovation, especially in technology, can endow a classic with lasting market success. Today, customers for the new generation of HUF House excel in the way they take responsibility for protecting the environment and climate. HUF HAUS shares this commitment with its customers in close accord with the philosophy behind HUF HAUS architecture.
Manfred Adams

HUF House ART 6 (Bungalow), source


The versatility of the HUF House makes it an appropriate solution for homes, townhouses, luxury apartments and additions. It has also been used to build retirement homes, offices and business parks. Most HUF Houses have pitched roofs, however flat roofs can also be used.

Flat Roof HUF House, source

HUF House Town House, source

Huf House Apartments, source

HUF House Office, source

HUF Office Park in Montabaur, source


Huf Haus Homepage

HUF Haus Gallery Link

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  1. Those are some awesome looking houses, thanks for sharing! My parents have been looking into energy efficient modular homes because they like how much money they can save when they live in one. They also are a fan of how modern they look from the inside and outside.


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