August 20, 2012

Tree House Restaurant: Naha Harbor Diner

Naha Harbor Diner

In Gaiumaru, Japan, the Naha Harbor Diner sits perched on massive branches about 20 ft above the ground, looking out over the ocean. Accessible by a spiral stairway and an elevator built within the tree trunk. The restaurant has a reputation of being quiet and elegant, while serving some of the best Japanese, Thai, Korean, Chinese and Indian food in all of Okinawa.

August 6, 2012

Huf Haus: Energy Efficient Prefab Homes

HUF House ART 8, source

For many years, HUF HAUS has been internationally recognized for their innovative timber-frame architecture that epitomizes the synergy between wood and glass. The name unites the careful evolution of the classic timber framed structure with the revolution in energy efficiency. Relevant details on the energy efficiency of new HUF Houses can be found on their homepage. A HUF house creates a comfortable design creating an ideal place from which to observe nature. Every HUF House is unique, designed for each individual client by a HUF architect.