October 20, 2013

Owens Corning World Headquarters

LEED EB Silver

Architects: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects
450,000 square foot

Toledo, Ohio - The Owens Corning World Headquarters in Toledo was built in 1997 and received the LEED Silver certification for Existing Buildings 10 years later in 2007. The building’s program includes office space, cafeteria, conference rooms, mutli-media room, a health clinic and other support facilities. The main office space follows the river’s curve, provides views of the water as well as access to daylight. High efficiency lighting is also used throughout the building. Instantaneous changes in space planning can be completed without outside contractors thanks to the building’s efficient and flexible mechanical system.

The mechanical system uses a raised access floor that serves as an air plenum and wireway. Air is introduced into the office space using swirl type diffusers located in the floor to distribute air into the office space with each workspace having an adjustable diffuser for individual comfort. Air is returned to the air handling unit at the ceiling creating natural convection within the building. Natural convection allows air to circulate more efficiently resulting in the use of smaller fans, thereby reducing electrical consumption over conventional HVAC systems. With the plenum doubling as a wireway, a system of moveable floor boxes for power and communication can be easily be reconfigured to new workstation layouts. Next to the offices, a three-​story glass atrium a encourages social and work interaction among staff members.

Maumee River Edge Src

The HVAC system includes high efficiency compressors and motors: including variable speed drives in the air handling units, and air-side economizer to maximize efficiency and high performance air filters to provide a comfortable and healthy work environment. This project was the first introduction of under-floor air in a corporate headquarters in the United States. The first under-floor air system was installed in Scandinavia in 1978 and became common place in Nordic countries with it bring utilized in an estimated 50% of industrial buildings and 25% of offices by 1989.

Under-Floor Ventilation Diagram Src

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